weAudit Released Open Source

  • Hi All.

    Up until about a year ago, I developed an electronic working papers
    program using Cocoa. Electronic working papers are generally used by
    auditors, investigators, and attorneys to gather data and write

    After sitting on the code for a while, Kirt Cathey and Bizolutions
    have decided to release the code open source. The code provides good
    examples (sometimes not the most correct example, maybe) of
    implementing drag-n-drop in an outline view, McSerial registration,
    text view attachments as icons, splash screens, and much more.

    This is my way of giving back to the cocoa-dev community that held my
    hand in putting this together.

    The full xcode project, with a compiled file in the deployment folder
    is available at http://www.bizolutions.com/weAudit. This is a 47 MB

    Kirt Cathey
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