Xcode project template for Game Developers

  • Macintosh Game Developers!

    I've recently been assigned the task of putting together an Xcode project
    template for Game Developers. (Ok, I've been working on the project for some
    time but since the original engineer responsible for it has left the company
    I'm now the lead. ;-).

    Anyway, before I release something I'd like to get some criteria from you:

    Environment: Cocoa or Carbon?

    (FYI: I'll be doing both but starting with Carbon. ;-)

    Language: Objective C/C++, C++ or C?

        Audio (Core Audio or OpenAL?)
        Devices (Joysticks, Game Pads, etc. - HID Manager / Utilities?)
        Displays ( configuring, selecting, etc.)
        Graphics (OpenGL? CoreGraphics? CoreVideo?)
        Image (Core Image? QuickTime?)
        Network ( Bonjour? OpenPlay? CF/NS Network? sockets?)
        Scripting (AppleScript, AppleEvents, Lua, etc.)

        All of the above? ;-)

    And anything else you can think off... ;-)

    All opinions (positive AND negative) welcome.

    BTW: If you know of a good (by your criteria) sample that you think I should
    take a look at please feel free to send them (or their URL's) to me. ;-)

    P.S. So as not to influence anyone's feedback I'd prefer responses to be
    sent to me privately.

    George Warner, (408)974-0668
    Schizophrenic Optimization Scientist
    Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS)
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