Re: MacOSX-dev Digest, Vol 34, Issue 26

  • I remember reading Wil Shipley's post on frameworks.  But if I
    remember, he seemed to gripe more about the waste of excess code
    being added through Frameworks, especially if the frameworks haven't
    been cleaned up in awhile.

    While a framework could be a solution, it seems pretty silly if I
    want to just, say, share a small handful of common methods.  What I'm
    looking at would be written in Objective-C, so not straight C.

    I'm thinking that a common utility class is in order ... now to
    program it.


    On Oct 25, 2006, at 2:00 PM, <macosx-dev-request...> wrote:

    > That's a very interesting post but I think that's more advanced than
    > what the OP was looking for.  That said, I agree with Wil about the
    > complicated mess that shared framework can pose (I've written many
    > myself under NextStep/OpenStep and OSX) and like his novel approach
    > to the problem using svn.

    > Which brings up a very important point (in my mind) and one that
    > hasn't seemed to surface. Chad (the original poster) asked the
    > following question:
    > "What would be the best way to [build utility functions] in a Cocoa
    > application?"
    > Chad, if you're using Objective C (not the Java-Cocoa stuff) then the
    > shortest and simplest answer I can think of is by using C functions.
    > Add .c files to your project and export the functions in an .h file.
    > If they truly are utility functions that are "first order" (to use
    > functional programming parlance), then let them be. Objective C plays
    > well with C with no major hiccups.
    > This:
    > "Because Objective-C rests on a foundation of ANSI C, you can freely
    > intermix straight C code with Objective-C code."
    > straight from the horse's mouth: <
    > documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/CocoaFundamentals/WhatIsCocoa/
    > chapter_2_section_2.html>
    > -daniel
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