Still need to selectAll after NSTextView gained focus, possibly without subclassing

  • Good day all!
    I still need to select all text in an NSTextView after it becomes a
    first responder, and I still haven't thought of a *good* way to do it.
    The problem is, -textShould/DidBeginEditing delegate methods are called
    only after I input some text.
    On the other hand, -textDidEndEditing is called immediately after a
    view resigns first responder, and obviously before any other view
    becomes it, so that calling [NSView focusView] inside of it returns
    I still see no way how I could have accomplished this trivial task.
    As I can see it doesn't make any difference when using NSTextViews or
    I'll appreciate any cues regarding my problem.

    Yours truly,
    Damian/Three-eyed Fish
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