Display application specific global hot-key in Keyboard Shortcuts preferences?

  • I have a global hot-key for my program and that all works fine, but a
    user brought up a good point: They'd like to see this hot-key and be
    able to manipulate the shortcut from this UI also. That way all (Well,
    almost all) hot-keys are viewable and editable from the same UI. Seams
    like a good idea.

    Is there anyway to achieve this functionality? One hack I may try is
    something along this line:
    - Add a menu item that is tied to the same function as the current hot-key
    - Edit the defaults for the keyboard shortcuts preferences to add a
    hot-key for that menu item for my application
    - SOmehow keep all this in sync

    Hopefully that would show the hot-key for the application in the
    Keyboard Shortcuts UI.

    Has anybody done this before? Is there a better way?

    -Corey O'Connor
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