Controlling NSImage resolution when printing (DPI vs pixels)

  • Hello all!

      I'm having some difficulty wrappnig my brain around how NSImage
    works with device resolution when printing, and how I can control this

      For example, If I have a  1200x1800 image that I want to print at
    4x6" (10x15cm) in the middle of a piece of paper, I would like to
    ensure that it prints at 300dpi (provided the device supports it).
    Similary, when printing this same image at 2x3" (5x8cm), I would like
    it to print at 600dpi (again, device willing).

      So, I would create a view of the same size of the piece of paper
    (whose resolution I got by using the various PMCore APIs).

      Do I just use NSImage setSize: ?

      Or is this a completely wrong approach -- is there a better way to
    do this?  I basically want to be able to take images and force sizes
    for them when I print them, but have NSImage use the maximum
    resolution it CAN when doing so.

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