Resizing problem in PDFView sample

  • Dear Coco-dev People,

    When you launch the PDFView sample program, it displays a (pdf) document as
    you'd expect, with the top of the document visible at the top of the window.

    However, if you drag the bottom-right corner of the window upward, resizing it
    by decreasing its height, the bottom of the original window remains visible,
    and the document scrolls upward.  This is the opposite of what I expected.

    What would I have to do to make PDFView resize "normally"?

    By "normally," I mean that resizing the window would either reveal more of the
    document as the window grew, or clip the bottom of the document as it shrank,
    but the document would not scroll.

    In an interesting "twist", if you flip the PDFImageView:

        - (BOOL)isFlipped
            return YES;

    it will resize "normally," but the image is displayed upside down and

    I've looked in "Cocoa Programming" and read the "Scroll View Programming Guide
    for Cocoa."  I've searched the Cocoa-dev archives (with terms like: flip,
    flipped, NSScrollView, resizing).  This problem has been discussed previously,
    but I didn't see a solution.

    Sincere thanks.
    Joel Norvell

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