Messages, Notifications or Protocols?

  • I'm working on a class that manages that amount of images and/or text
    that will display in a view.  I.e, when the controller class sends a
    scroll message, it handles the image/text/other data that is
    repositioned, allocated or deallocated, and displayed.  I'm looking
    for ideas on how to best create a generic type connection, since I
    intend to reuse this class for other implementations which will
    certainly  have different data types and sizes, as well as multiple
    sources that will be chosen to be displayed in a view.

    I have a draft of the memory managment part written, but I'm still
    brainstorming the best way to make the class communicate between the
    controller and view class.

    What is the best what to create the connections, so it can be re-used
    in the future easily: messages, notifications, protocols, ?

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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