Re: creating views

  • HI

      I have worked in an enhancement project, in that , I have seen different
    views application, Like Depending Upon the button cliked in a window they
    are selecting and pasting diferent views on that window .

    So i am very interested to know about views, so i started to practice with
    views .

    And i started to search in ADC for view documents, i have got "view
    programming code" and one example , in that example, In a window , they have
    dragged and dropped the "Custom View" and they are displaying a string
    "hello world" by writting the code

    "    NSString* hello = @"Hello, World!";
        NSPoint point = NSMakePoint(15,275);
        [hello drawAtPoint:point withAttributes:nil]; "

    in drawrect method .

    but i want to display a separate view which may have button,textfield etc.,

    for that i am not getting where to create a view ,whether in same nib file
    or in new nib file, and also i want to know the changes in Inspector
    window,and where to create outlets and actions for that view respect to tha
    window, and where to write the code (outlet and action codes) ,whether in
    controller class or in the same view class.

    Thanks & Regards
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