DO load connection problem

  • Hi All,
      I have an application that accepts connections from multiple clients using Distributed Objects.  The way the application is designed is such that when a service is registered over Bonjour all of the clients that are listening automatically connect.
      The problem I am encountering is that sometimes some of the clients will connect, and then the connection immediately dies.  What I see on the server is that

    - (BOOL)newConnectionRequest:(NSNotification *)note
      is called then immediately

    - (void)connectionDidDie:(NSNotification *)note
      is called.

      I have also added code so the client will retry up to 10 times (pausing for 2 seconds between attempts), but it appears that once the client is in this state it will never connect.  I thought that since almost all of the client connect simultaneously it was a possible load problem with DO.  But the fact that retry has no affect makes me think otherwise.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
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