[ANN] Cocoa client for Cayenne ROP

  • Hello.

    Apache Cayenne[1] is a full-featured Java Object Relational Mapping
    framework. It is currently in the Apache incubation process. Cayenne
    ROP[2] (Remote Object Persistence) is sort of equivalent to WO/EOF
    Java Client.

    We have also started developing a Cocoa framework[3] that let users
    create Cocoa applications in Objective-C that connects to a server
    with Cayenne using Cayenne ROP. Along with the framework is also a
    sample client application. See screenshot[4]. It is like Core Data,
    but with a server, support for lots of databases and so on.

    Most of the basic stuff are working. Cocoa bindings are working.
    Relationship handling with automatic setting of reverse relationships
    the Cayenne way are working. Deleting, Named Queries, Committing and
    Faulting are working. CocoaCayenne also has a custom
    NSArrayController that makes life a lot easier.

    The network communication in Cayenne ROP are plugable, but the
    default implementation uses hessian[5]. CocoaCayenne uses HessianObjC

    Things to do:
      * Better field validation. Like max string length and better error
      * Authentication. Currently username and password are stored in the
    hessian service url.
      * Support for ROP distributed events. Cayenne ROP uses XMPP to
    distribute events between clients.
      * Core Data. CocoaCayenne are working with bindings and
    controllers, but full Core Data support would be cool. I do not know
    if this is possible or even needed..

      - Tore.
    [1] http://incubator.apache.org/cayenne/
    [2] http://cwiki.apache.org/CAYDOC/remote-object-persistence-
    [3] http://cwiki.apache.org/CAY/cocoa-cayenne.html
    [4] http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~halset/tmp/cocoa-client-20060925.png
    [5] http://www.caucho.com/hessian/
    [6] http://bluebearstudio.com/hessianobjc/
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