Display instances of a Core Data entity in a hierarchical way

  • Hi,

    I've two Core Data entities: component en componentlist. The
    component entity has the following attributes: value (string),
    category (relation), type (relation). The componentlist entity has
    the attributes: quantity (int), refdes (string), component (relation).
    I've made a table which shows the instances of the componentlist
    entity. One column contains a nspopupbuttoncell which show's the
    value attribute of the component relation. This all works fine, but
    the popup-menu is very large. What I want is some sort of
    hierarchical display of the available components, by sorting them by
    category, then type and then value. Since nspopupbutton contains an
    nsmenu, I suppose that's possible? But how do I get that to work?
    Preferably using bindings. I really have no clue on where I should
    start looking.

    Thanks in advance,

    Remco Poelstra
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