Control+tab event issue

  • Hi all,

        In the button subclass keyDown: method i am not getting the
    Control+tab event. ( this is not just buttons in other controls also )
        In text field controlTextDidEndEditing: NSTextMovement attribute
    is giving NSOtherTextMovement value for Control+tab event.

        in my app i want to know whether user pressed the tab, shift
    +tab, control+tab to move focus to other controls. For that i divided
    all controls in to button and text elements families.

        For Button family
            In the subclass keyDown: method i am getting tab and shift
    +tab events but not control + tab. My Question here is why i am not
    getting the Control+tab.
    I know that for NSTextView's Control+tab is for tabbing out of that.
    But it should not cause any issue with other elements .... is there
    any other reason or some thing...

        In order to do that i am handling NSApplication subclass
    sendEvent: i am able to get but finding out the exact control is a
    tricky thing here, but can be managed. Performance will be a criteria
    as we have to check for every event which is raised in the system.

        For Text family.
                In controlTextDidEndEditing: delegate method, i am using
    NSTextMovement attribute. Here also for Control+tab,
    NSOtherTextMovement value  is given for  NSTextMovement attribute.
    NSOtherTextMovement value will come even for other events like, click
    with mouse on other element and may come in other places.

    Thanks and Regards,
    D.Sravana kumar,
    Phone: 9885556320,
    Effigent India Pvt. Ltd.
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