Modifying output of print operation

  • When an NSPrintOperation gets a runOperation message it obviously
    asks its view for some data containing pdf code.

    When NSPrintOperation has finished, and before it delivers its data
    to some file, a printer or, I would like to intercept
    this data (hopefully as NSMutableData) and append a few bytes.

    How can this be done?

    I don't see any methods in NSPrintOperation giving me access to this

    There is [NSView endDocument] which looks promising - but how to get
    at the data containing the pdf code?

    Another problem:
    NSPrintOperation has a method "deliverResult". The documentation
    says: "Do not invoke this method directly"
    But it also says: "You should not subclass NSPrintOperation".
    So: what is this method good for, if it can be neither invoked nor
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