filterPredicate binding following relationship in keypath

  • I have a Core Data Program with two entities, "Rubbermaid", and
    "Item", with an inverse to many relationship between "rubbermaid",
    and the plural "itemInventory".  I set up a GUI by option dragging
    the Items into Interface Builder, then setting bindings for the
    appropriate attributes to some NSTableViews and the Entity's
    controllers.  Everything worked just right at this point.  Then I
    added a NSSearchField, and bound the filterPredicate to the
    Rubbermaid Entity's controller, with a predicate form of
    "itemInventory.descriptionString contains[cd] $value".  I expected
    the filterPredicate to filter out all of the "Rubbermaid" entities
    that didn't have related items that contained the text entered into
    the NSSearchField.  It filtered out everything that didn't match
    exactly, when I wanted and expected it only to filter out, as I
    specified items that didn't "contain" the search text.  I tried the
    same predicate bound to the Rubbermaid controller in its attribute
    "name contains[cd] $value", and it worked just the way I expected it
    to, so it seems that the problem I'm having is created by trying to
    follow a relationship keyPath in the keypath portion of the predicate
    format.  Does anyone know how I can fix this, or even just refute/
    confirm that my problem occurs universally?

    Dustin Kick
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