killing dock elegantly

  • > I just wanted to know if there's a more elegant way to refresh the
    > Dock than "killing" the process? Because this means terminating
    > Dashboard and (in Leopard) Spaces, and that's very un-elegant and
    > not very pleasant for users.

    Not unless the whole thing is (hopefully) one of those secrets that
    will be in the final version of 10.5 ...
    (like a new finder)
    Dock hanging is perhaps the most common problem end-users encounter.
    But the only options are kill or restart commands at the command
    line. Unfortunately Exposé is somehow tied to it and Dashboard (and
    Spaces) to Exposé. If the Dock hangs, it all hangs. Question is: Are
    you doing something that consistently causes this? If so, rework that
    process. I often found dragging very large files to Dock items will
    crash the dock, or at least make it unresponsive. Also quickly
    accessing Dashboard when it is full of open Widgets while many other
    apps are open and running (system resources are heavily in use) can
    cause unresponsiveness/ hanging. This should all be less trouble with
    newer intel machines with more memory. G4's don't seem to handle that
    many Obj-C runtime calls gracefully. _______________________________________________
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