Copy Files with FSCopyObject?

  • I copy any kind of file to local and remote disks using
    FSCopyObject routines, a bit customized. Recently I discovered that
    FSAllocateFork returns an error -34 (diskFull) when copying files bigger
    than 2GB over my local net. Instead the destination disk has enough free
    space. As written at
    I can quite omit FSAllocateFork, so I did. I copied a file over a local net
    and checked the final size and it is equal to the source file size. The file
    copied was a 7GB dmg file, and it works properly, I can mount the disk and
    work with all the files therein. So it seems to work well.

    I would like to know, could this omission cause some trouble when copying
    other kind of files? E.g. Does it work with old MacOS 9 application files,
    with data and resource forks, etc. etc.?

    Also, I noted that the Finder is much faster than my routines when copying
    this and other files. Do you know some new API that could copy files to any
    local and remote disk (to any disk format as well as the Finder)?
    Some year ago I used copyPath and it had some trouble with remote servers
    and with large files so I am a little bit afraid to use it again. I also
    used ditto but I recall it had some limitation too.
    Can someone point me to the best solution? Thanks.

    Best Regards
    email: <archidea...>
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