Cocoaheads Lake Forest (CA) meeting THURSDAY 10/5

  • Cocoaheads Lake Forest (CA) will be meeting on THURSDAY this week, due
    to a room scheduling conflict.  We will be meeting, as usual, in the
    community room of the El Toro branch of the Orange County Public
    Library at 24672 Raymond Way, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

    Please join us from 7pm to 9pm on Thursday, 10/5.

    Drawing The Light Fantastic

    Ever tried to get something unusual on the screen?  To move beyond
    buttons and text fields, you need to understand how MacOS X renders
    graphics, and how you can take advantage of the underlying view

    The system offers many ways to push data to the screen, with varying
    degrees of difficulty.  A simple custom view takes just a few lines of
    code, while very complicated views capable of virtually anything you
    can imagine are possible with some diligence.

    We will be discussing basic NSView handling, complicated view panes,
    views made from many, many subviews.  We will also look at how Core
    Graphics can do some heavy lifting not easily done by straight Cocoa.

    (Anyone willing to show up and chat about OpenGL, either at this
    meeting or a future one, please contact me!)

    We will also chat about recently read books.  (Our group just sent in
    reviews of Mind Performance Hacks by Hale-Evans and Statistics Hacks
    by Frey.)

    Bring any code snippets, bugs, or questions, and we will do our best
    to dig into them.

    O'Reilly has donated a copy of Russel Dyer's MySQL in a Nutshell as a
    door prize.  Attendees will also be given a user group member
    discount code for 30% off a single book or 35% off two or more books
    from O'Reilly and some of their partners.

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