Delete on remove and NSArrayController: how to ?

  • I am trying to make my way with core data and bindings

    I would like to know how to delete a managedObject from an
    arrayController using binding

    I have an arrayController binded to my file's owner, it's populated
    correctly, i can add new object

    If i connect a button to the action remove, the object selected is
    removed on click from the arrayController

    As i have learned the object is not delete from the persistentStore
    because i can't enable the "delete object on remove" option in the

    I can't figure how to do this

    I have tried using an objectController whose content is binded to the
    selection of the arrayController
    but nothing append when i click the "Delete" button. There is no
    remove action in this case. The button action is connected to
    "remove" from the objectController , the content object is binded to
    the arrayController selection and the parameter is binded to the
    file's owner and the managedObjectContext.

    It's the best i have succeded to do, but nothing appen. The others
    ways i have tried made the app crach

    I only want to delete the selected object of the arrayController
    (which is used in a tableView) when the button delete is clicked.

    Please, how can i do this ?


    S. Baron
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