NSScroller drawParts

  • Hello dear list,

    I am trying to implement my subclass of NSScroller and want to use
    customized scroller parts, but the docs are no good. According to the
    docs I need to subclass drawParts

    Caches images for the scroll buttons and knob.

    - (void)drawParts

    It’s invoked only once when the NSScroller is created. You may want
    to override this method if you alter the look of the NSScroller, but
    you should never invoke it directly.

    but this does me no good, for the following reasons:

    a) my drawParts method never gets called. Any idea why?

    b) i have no idea what to do in this method. Are there some default
    variables that i can override to use my own images?

    Google was no help on this and the archives only have one message
    concerning this subject, and that is everything but clear.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Ben _______________________________________________
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  • Maybe it's getting called in the init method?

    You could always create your own scroller.  A view, a timer, and mouse
    coordinate checking.  Who know's, it may be quicker than banging your
    head through Apple documentation or waiting for an answer.
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