ANN: TFM 1.0b1, dev doc/src search & viewing tool

  • The first public beta of TFM, a tool for searching and viewing developer documentation and source code is now available at:


    Key features include:    fast searching
                            display of HTML & source code
                            understanding ObjC inheritance

    Screen shots are here:

    What does it do? Drop a folder (like "/System/Library/Frameworks" or "/Developer/Examples") on a new document and it provides:

      Full-text index of files, including parsing HTML & C/ObjC to extract
        inheritance, naming and sectional information.

      Searching with simple "Find Next" and larger "Find All".
        Supports ^, $, |, &, () meta-characters.

      Recognizes and groups related files together (NSColorWell.h goes with
        NSColorWell.html, Release Notes are at the top of "AppKit", etc).

      Provides inheritance hierarchy view in one place (e.g. NSColorWell
        inherits from NSControl, etc.). This lists all methods in a class
        and it's superclasses. (Type "draw" in the filter, for example,
        for: "What drawing methods can I send to an NSColorWell object?")

      Automatically builds a popup menu of page sections providing a quick
        overview and the ability to easily jump around.

      Shows pages with their "display name"
        so you see:    Model Objects Represent Data and Basic Behaviors
              not:    AppDesign.2.html



    Matt Covey  Classical Software    <matt...>
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